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Stress-free Electrical Renovations for Your Business
When it comes to electric repairs and renovations within your commercial space, don’t take any unnecessary risks – always consult with a qualified professional contractor like Bremner Electric! Whether you’re updating your systems for higher energy-efficiency or building an addition, our experienced technicians would be more than happy to assist with all of your needs with stress-free service. We’re also available for routine safety inspections to ensure your property is kept up to code with all national and local safety regulations


Commercial Electrical Safety Tips
Electrical safety in the workplace is an increasingly important topic of concern as more and more preventable accidents occur in businesses and factories like yours every year. If you’d like to avoid becoming another statistic, here are some informative electrical safety tips for you to begin implementing within your workplace today


• Properly assess your property and identify any areas that may present potential electrical safety hazards.
• Ensure all of your employees are adequately trained and always wear protective clothing and gear (including safety gloves and goggles) when using tools that present possible electrical safety hazards.
• Routinely have your electrical equipment and outlets inspected for damages.
• Ensure bulb wattages, circuit breakers and fuses are correct for their fixture sizes, and never force a plug into an outlet that it isn’t designed to fit.
• Extension cords should be a temporary solution, not a permanent one.
• Be sure to always turn off circuit power and unplug appliances when not in use.
• Never directly touch a person being electrocuted, but immediately disconnect the power and contact an authority.