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How to Select the Perfect Lighting
Because lighting is an essential component to your home or business but a design aspect that is often overlooked, we’ve gathered some basic guidelines to assist you with the selection process. Learn how to select the perfect fixtures to uniquely complement your property:

• What type of mood are you trying to set in the room? Professional? Casual? Romantic? Your lighting can actually work to your benefit no matter what type of ambiance you’re determined to convey.
• When considering exterior lighting options, account for brighter lights for increased safety and security.
• Look to your neighbours to ensure your property complements the neighbourhood’s overall aesthetics.
• You can combine multiple light sources for increased functionality in any room, especially those that
will feature more foot traffic, including the kitchen, hallways, etc.
• Consider dimmer switches to make your lighting subtler and more eco-friendly.
• Explore different shapes, sizes and colours of fixtures and bulbs. Don’t be afraid to replace traditional bulbs with spiral bulbs, covered globes or reflector bulbs, depending upon your needs.
• Properly measure your lighting space and any décor that will surround the new fixture.
• Don’t be afraid to mix and match simple designs with more ornate creations for interesting visual appeal.