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Ensure Your Residential Electric & Heating Systems are Functioning Properly

From hot tub wiring to the installation of new lighting fixtures or electric heat, Bremner Electric has all of your residential electric and heating needs covered. Because we value you and your business, you can depend upon us to thoroughly clean up after every job and treat your property with the utmost in respect. We also conduct safety inspections of your home’s systems to ensure everything is running safely and efficiently for your protection.


Residential Electrical Safety Tips

We’ve all heard the expression “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Authorities estimate thousands of homeowners have the unfortunate experience of dealing with an electrical-caused fire within their home on an annual basis. How can you avoid becoming another staggering statistic? Here are some helpful electrical safety tips for you to practice within your household:

• Don’t overload your electrical outlets by plugging in too many appliances at once.

• If possible, don’t string extension cords across doorways or underneath your carpets. You may consider having a qualified electrician add extra outlets.

• Regularly inspect your appliances and cords for any damages and immediately have any damaged  items repaired or replaced.

• Always read through your manufacturer’s instructions.

• Keep flammable items away from appliances and outlets and keep them away from wet floors and counter spaces.

• Supervise small children and don’t let them play near outlets. If possible, invest in child-proof outlet protectors.

• If your lights flicker or your switch feels hot to your touch, immediately turn it off and call a professional to replace it.

• Keep away from fallen power lines and immediately contact an authority if you see one.